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Safety Coordinator Resources

Learn how Department Safety Coordinators and Area Safety Coordinators differ, and what each group needs to know.

Training for Safety Coordinators

UC Learning Center offers 2 courses for Safety Coordinators :

New Department Safety Coordinator (DSC) Orientation

Recommended for new and continuing department safety coordinators and supervisors. This course acquaints DSCs and supervisors with all areas of Environment, Health, & Safety: contacts, resources, policies, hazardous material business plan, emergency preparedness, and safety specialties.

How to get the training:

Department Safety Coordinator Training

Highly recommended for increased knowledge of the role of Department Safety Coordinator. Hosted and facilitated by Environment, Health, & Safety staff, these on-going sessions provide attendees with a clear understanding of the role of the DSC, professional development, and a collegial atmosphere that encourages the sharing of workplace health and safety challenges and successes.

How to get the training:

Staff Education and Development Certificate Programs

Want to go further? Read about the Staff Education & Development Certificate Program for Department Safety Coordinators.

Emergency preparedness

Organize emergency preparedness for your department.

Questions? Contact Continuity & Emergency Services, (858) 534-1064 or 534-3823.

Essential EH&S information

EH&S staff and services

Fire and life safety

Hazard awareness and planning

Injury and illness reporting

Learn about injury and illness reporting and the Workers' Compensation Program.

Questions? Contact the EH&S Workers' Compensation Office, (858) 822-2979.

Odors and indoor environment

Know how to respond and solve indoor environmental concerns.

  • See Indoor Environment for appropriate points of contact for various indoor environmental concerns.
  • Read Preventing Indoor Mold Growth.
  • Odor complaints are among the most common calls you'll receive.
    • Read What's That Smell? to learn about common and possible sources of troublesome (though not alarming) odors in the workplace and what you can do about them.
    • Use the Odor Log (PDF) (Word file) to track odor and indoor environment concerns. It will help maintenance and EH&S personnel track the problem down if you call for assistance.

Report safety concerns

Report safety concerns to EH&S.

  • Use the online Safety Concern form to report a health or safety issue at UC San Diego.
  • Or, to report a safety concern anonymously, call (858) 534-3660.

Safety resources

Safety training for employees

Make sure everyone (including yourself) attends required safety training.

  • Document all safety training.
    • Read About Safety Training for information about record keeping requirements and accessing the online safety training records.

Questions? Contact the EH&S Safety Training Manager.

Archived Safety Coordinator presentations

All archived Safety Coordinator presentations are PowerPoint files. These large files may take a few moments to open.

Questions? Contact the EH&S safety training manager.
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