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uAchieve for Staff

uAchieve is the Office of the Registrar's Degree Audit Reporting system. This interactive campus tool tracks degree progress and assists with time to degree for students.

uAchieve Access & Instructions

Access to uAchieve is granted by the Office of the Registrar. Please fill out the request form linked here: uAchieve Access Request. Email completed form to

  • FERPA training through UC Learning is required prior to access.
  • Permissions in uAchieve are granted via Business System ID. If you change departments/college you will need to update your Business system ID by submitting a new access request form with uAcieve.
  • For training requests contact Ken Keziah in the Office of the Registrar. 

uAchieve Degree Audit Basics

General instructions regardless of campus department/college. 

See below for exception instructions, by campus unit. 

Undergraduate Colleges Exceptions

Instructions for undergraduate college exceptions in uAchieve

Specific Exception Types:

Undergraduate Department/Programs Exceptions

Instructions for Undergraduate Departments uAchieve Exceptions

Specific Exception Types:

Graduate Department/Programs Exceptions

Instructions for GEPA uAchieve exceptions

Specific Exception Types:

Division of Extended Studies Exceptions

Instructions for division of extended studies exceptions in uAchieve

Specific Exception Types:

Latest Project

 uAchieve Transfer Articulation (TA)  

Transfer articulation will replace current approximations in ISIS (our current Student Information System) and will automate the posting of transfer coursework to the record and uAchieve degree audit. The Office of the Registrar is in the process of moving all approximations out of ISIS and into uAchieve in preparation for the launch of new Student Information System in the coming years  

Pre FA10 Returning Undergraduate Students

Please follow the workflow and steps required to bring inactive Students into uAchieve.

Before you create an exception for a primary catalog change, there MUST be consultation and agreement among the College and Departments that the selected catalog is appropriate.

FA10 thru FA19 Admitted Students with FA20 and later Degree Programs

What to do with a Student with a new major established for FA20 and beyond who have Pre-FA19 GE's.

Information for Students

The website below details for students the purpose of and how to use the degree audit system. Note, the General Catalog is the official repository of the curricular requirements for degree audits. If there are inconsistencies between the General Catalog and the Degree Audit, the General Catalog shall be deemed correct.

If you need additional assistance, email