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Degree Audits: Overview

Learn about the process of filing and completing degree audits.

Plan for periodic degree audit system outages:

Continuing upgrades may affect degree audit availability. Planned outages will be posted here; we apologize for any inconvenience.

Who we are

Degree audits are generated by the Degree Audit Reporting System (uAchieve). They allow academic department advisors and college advisors to view a student's academic progress while at UCSD.

Preliminary degree audits

Department or college advisors perform a preliminary degree audit review. Students may request a preliminary degree audit to view their department and college coursework compliance.

Application to graduate

Undergraduate students apply to graduate by completing and submitting a Degree and Diploma Application (DDA) through the Undergraduate College Degree and Diploma Application Wizard. This is the start of the final degree audit process.

Final Degree Audits process

Step 1

  • Colleges receive student DDAs online.
  • College advisors verify completion of all required general education, and some university requirements by end of quarter of graduation.

Step 2

  • During fifth week of the quarter (approximately), department advisors are encouraged to begin reviewing deficient audits and continue to review students' progress. 
  • Advisors should:
    • Review major requirements and perform a final degree audit. See How to Do a Final Degree Audit.
    • Obtain the department chair's signature on each degree audit.
    • Undergraduate students Enter e-approval in the E-DDA portal near the end of the quarter.

Note: The final degree audit is typically held by the college advising office until all grades are posted. Once the college advisors finalize the degree audits, they are sent to the Registrar's Office for a final degree requirement check and subsequent degree posting. Final diplomas are available to students 3 months after final grades are posted.

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