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Departmental Security Administrator (DSA)

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Departmental Security Administrators set up and maintain departmental access to UC San Diego's computing, networking, and information resources.

Background: Departmental Security Administrators (DSAs) and their alternates coordinate with IT Services to approve all access to and use of core data by individuals within their departments or units.

DSA responsibilities:

  • Maintain security and access to UC San Diego campus systems, such as ISIS, IFIS, PPS, SQL-DSE, DARWIN, and the Link Family of services, through AccessLinkTNG
  • Coordinate access and security issues between IT Services and the managers and staff within their departments
  • Maintain FinancialLink Security and access for payroll expense information and for creation and maintenance of group identifiers within FinancialLink
  • Field departmental questions regarding MyServices, Business Systems, and access to campus applications.

Department responsibilities:

  • Departments and their staff must support the security of the systems, respect the rights of others, and observe all relevant laws when accessing UC San Diego's computing, networking, and information resources.
  • Department heads make decisions about data access.
  • DSAs carry out the department heads' decisions on data access.

Training and resources:

For more information, contact IT Services Access Provisioning.

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