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NGN: Overview

Find out about UCSD's Next Generation Network (NGN), an enhanced data and voice network, and about changes under NGN5.


NGN5, the fifth phase of the Next Generation Network, will begin July 1, 2021, and extends to June 30, 2026. NGN is funded by billing for voice and data services with a flat and equitable monthly access charge for each Communication User and lower rates for off-campus users. (To find out who qualifies as a Communication User and other billing information, see NGN Communications Access Billing.)

NGN provides enhanced communication services and technology, including:

  • Faster data connections and increased Internet bandwidth
  • Sustainable state-of-the-art technology
  • Expanded help desk services
  • Better network security
  • Increased network services
  • Resources for network repairs and upgrades
  • Wireless equipment and services
  • E-mail, active directory, and other network services

Campus NGN coverage is illustrated on campus maps, which also show areas scheduled to be covered in the future.

For more information, please submit a Services & Support ticket - select service: NGN