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uAchieve Instruction

uAchieve instruction supporting The Office of the Registrar's Degree Audit Reporting system.

For Initial access to uAchieve, please fill out this form and email your request to

For any training requests contact Ken Keziah.

To report an issue contact the uAchieve team at

UAAC Professional Development Presentation: uAchieve Exception Processing - From Basics to Batches and Beyond.
PowerPoint only 
Live Session Recording - Headphones recommended

NEW - uAchieve updated Information

Please click here for an overview of changes for the newest version of uAchieve.

Note: Individually run audits are purged after 7 days to ensure students are looking at the most up to date information available and to alleviate server storage space. Batch audits are saved for 7 days by default but can be set to 14, 30 or 90 days in the batch definition settings.

TESTING - uAchieve Transfer Articulation UAT Information

The Office of the Registrar is in the process of moving all TA out of ISIS and into uAchieve in preparation for the new Student Information System. Below is information for the testers:


Permission to perform tasks in uAchieve is based on Business System log on (3 letter abbreviation of your department and your 3 initials) Please ensure you are logging into uAchieve using these credentials.

To set up a new user in area please send an email to

Five Essentials

In order for exceptions to function properly, a few basics need to be followed.
Please read this document to find out what they are: Exception essentials (PDF) 

Pre-uAchieve Students

Please follow the below posted workflow to bring inactive Students into the uAchieve environment. The steps to achieve this process are posted below that as well.

Before you follow the exception steps for a primary catalog change, there MUST be consultation and agreement among the College, Major & Minor (if applicable) that the selected catalog is appropriate, It is important that this is a collaborative process as curriculum that can be different each year and some catalog years may not be accurate/appropriate.

Pre-FA19 GE’s with Post FA19 Degree Program

What to do with a Student with a new majors established for FA20 and beyond who have Pre-FA19 GE's.

Video overview


QA Testing website

Reference material

Student facing material

For any assistance, email