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uAchieve Training

uAchieve training supports the Registrar's Office Degree Audit Reporting system.

If you have training questions contact kkeziah@ucsd.edu. To report an issue contact us at uAchieve@ucsd.edu.


Permission to perform certain tasks in uAchieve is based on Business System logon (3 letter abbreviation of your department and your 3 initials) Please ensure you are logging into uAchieve using these credentials. 

NEW - Five Essentials

In order for exceptions to function properly, a few basics need to be followed.
Please read this document to find out what they are: Exception essentials 

Pre Fall '10 students

Before you follow the exception steps below for a primary catalog change, there should be consultation and agreement among the college, major, and minor (if applicable) that the selected catalog is appropriate for the curriculum that will be displayed for the student once they are placed on a FA10 or later catalog.  It is important that this is a collaborative process as curriculum can be different each year and some catalog years may not be accurate/appropriate for the newly selected primary catalog year.

Video overview


QA Testing website

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