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How to Do a Preliminary Degree Audit

Get instructions on how to complete preliminary degree audits.

Plan for degree audit system outages:

Continuing upgrades may affect availability. Outage dates will be posted on Blink's main uAchieve page.

Follow these steps to complete a degree audit to provide students or colleges with information about undergraduate degrees in progress. You may complete preliminary audits from Blink Student/ Class Info or ISIS.

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1. Complete a preliminary degree audit using Blink Student/ Class Info.

  • Select Student/ Class Info:
    • Link to Find a Student from the student-related tools.
    • Log in at the prompt.
    • Enter the student's Personal Identification Number (PID) or search by name to view the student's record.
  • View the audits one of 2 ways:
    1. To view a single student record:
      • Go to Student Degree Audit Page
        • Click on Short Form
        • View Report
    2. To view multiple student records:
      • Go to Student Degree Audit page
        • Go to box at bottom of page
        • Enter multiple student A numbers
      • Go to View Dars Audits in toolbar
        • No updates can be made from this link
  • Check off completed and in-progress classes on the departmental degree requirements checklist.
  • Check for:
    • Applicable transfer coursework
    • Course substitutions that haven't been entered
    • Approved transfer coursework has been sent to dars@ucsd.edu, the DARS Administrator
    • Check with the DARS Administrator with questions about approximations/ transfer coursework
  • Check the student's file for:
    • Applicable petitions
    • Contact DARS with any exceptions or corrections
  • Note: Work-in-progress coursework needed for graduation.

2. Complete a preliminary degree audit using ISIS.

  • Log in to ISIS and check off completed and in-progress courses on your departmental degree requirements checklist as you do the following:
    • View the student's course list by going to AH, then ACDHSTMT, and finally the SUBJLIST screen. Enter the student's PID.
    • View any applicable transfer coursework by going to AH, then ACDHSTMT. Press F8 to scroll down, then go to the TRANTOTL screen. Check off completed and in-progress classes on the departmental degree requirements checklist.
    • Look in the student's file for any applicable petitions. Follow steps in 1d above for details.
    • Calculate the student's Grade Point Average in the major by adding up the point values for the grade earned in each class and dividing the sum by the total number of units.
  • Note: WIP coursework needed for graduation.

3. Keep a record of the preliminary degree audit.

  • Put the preliminary degree audit in the student's file to assist in the final degree audit process.
  • Give a copy of the preliminary degree audit to the student.

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