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How to Do a Final Degree Audit

Use this guide to perform final degree audits and verify student eligibility for graduation.

Plan for degree audit system outages:

Continuing upgrades may affect availability. Outage dates will be posted on Blink's main uAchieve page.

1. Review Degree Audit Overview page.

2. Verify that all lower- and upper-division requirements have been met.

  • Check the classes listed on the final degree audit with those on your department's formatted departmental degree check/ audit.

3. Check for deficiencies.

  • Deficiencies may include:
    • Failure to meet the lower- or upper-division requirements for the major
    • A GPA that is below the minimum GPA requirement
    • Transfer course work that needs to be petitioned
    • Transcripts that need to be sent to UCSD from other institutions
    • Existence of an Incomplete grade
    • Unacceptable grades in each class (if department requires letter grade of C- or better)
    • Unapproved overlap in a double major
  • Notify the student of any deficiencies.
  • If there are any deficiencies, double-check the classes in Blink Student/ Class Info or ISIS, and make any necessary corrections to the online audit or e-mail uAchieve at to update deficiencies.
  • Enter "denied" to E-DDA if deficiencies cannot be cleared. See Step 5 for specific E-DDA instructions.

4. Verify that additional graduation criteria have been met.

  • Verify:
    • Major department residency requirement (if applicable) has been met
    • Transfer coursework has been approved and transcripts from other institutions are noted in TritonLink or ISIS
  • Confirm that any conditions/requirements of petitions have been met.
  • For double majors:
    • Check to see that courses are the same as those approved on the double major petition
    • Verify that the student completed 10 separate upper-division courses for your department's major

Important: If the audit is blue, it is still possible that all requirements have not been met. It is your responsibility to verify all graduation criteria.

5. Complete the E-DDA Portal approval/ denial process.

  • Follow these steps:
    1. Log in to the Single Sign-On E-DDA portal.
    2. Click DDA E-approval on the left toolbar.
    3. Contact Academic Technology Services at if you change departments or if "DDA E-approval" does not appear on the left toolbar.
    4. Select Approve uAchieve audits format at the top of the page.
    5. Select E-DDA options beginning under College.
    6. Select Get DDAs that I have requested.
    7. Check all approval/ denial actions/ selections that apply to the student.
    8. Select honors designations where appropriate.
    9. For printing, check Print instead of the "Approve DARS audits" format on the E-DDA index page.
For more information, please contact ODaPA at