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How to Do a Final Degree Audit

Use this guide to perform final degree audits and verify student eligibility for graduation.

Plan for degree audit system outages:

Continuing upgrades may affect availability. Outage dates will be posted on Blink's main uAchieve page.

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1. Review Degree Audit Overview page.

2. Verify that all lower- and upper-division requirements have been met.

  • Check the classes listed on the final degree audit with those on your department's formatted departmental degree check/ audit.

3. Check for deficiencies.

  • Deficiencies may include:
    • Failure to meet the lower- or upper-division requirements for the major
    • A GPA that is below the minimum GPA requirement
    • Transfer course work that needs to be petitioned
    • Transcripts that need to be sent to UCSD from other institutions
    • Existence of an Incomplete grade
    • Unacceptable grades in each class (if department requires letter grade of C- or better)
    • Unapproved overlap in a double major
  • Notify the student of any deficiencies.
  • If there are any deficiencies, double-check the classes in Blink Student/ Class Info or ISIS, and make any necessary corrections to the online audit or e-mail uAchieve at dars@pitsg.ucsd.edu to update deficiencies.
  • Enter "denied" to E-DDA if deficiencies cannot be cleared. See Step 5 for specific E-DDA instructions.

4. Verify that additional graduation criteria have been met.

  • Verify:
    • Major department residency requirement (if applicable) has been met
    • Transfer coursework has been approved and transcripts from other institutions are noted in TritonLink or ISIS
  • Confirm that any conditions/requirements of petitions have been met.
  • For double majors:
    • Check to see that courses are the same as those approved on the double major petition
    • Verify that the student completed 10 separate upper-division courses for your department's major

Important: If the audit is blue, it is still possible that all requirements have not been met. It is your responsibility to verify all graduation criteria.

5. Complete the E-DDA Portal approval/ denial process.

  • Follow these steps:
    1. Log in to the Single Sign-On E-DDA portal.
    2. Click DDA E-approval on the left toolbar.
    3. Contact Provost IT Services Group at pitsg@ucsd.edu if you change departments or if "DDA E-approval" does not appear on the left toolbar.
    4. Select Approve DARS audits format at the top of the page.
    5. Select E-DDA options beginning under College.
    6. Select Get DDAs that I have requested.
    7. Check all approval/ denial actions/ selections that apply to the student.
    8. Select honors pending or choose from the honors designations where appropriate.
    9. For printing, check Print instead of the "Approve DARS audits" format on the E-DDA index page.

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