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Environmentally Preferable Purchasing (EPP)

Learn how Environmentally Preferable Purchasing helps your department and the environment.

Environmentally Preferable Purchasing (EPP) is defined as the procurement of items that have minimized or reduced environmental effects. The purpose of EPP is to give preference to environmentally preferred products whenever possible. The University of California Office of the President has included EPP in its sustainable practices policy guidelines (PDF), which include goals and implementation procedures.

Benefits of EPP

  • Environmental: Reduces & prevents waste, resource consumption, pollution/toxin exposure
  • Financial: Reduces costs including material, waste disposal, operating, maintenance, and replacement costs

Practices: Before making a purchase, consider the total cost of ownership, including environmental, maintenance and disposal costs

Sustainable Procurement 101 (PDF) tips can save money, reduce waste, improve competitiveness and build the universities' reputation for reducing the harmful impact of pollution.

Purchasing Guidelines & Resources

Buy used goods from Surplus Sales

Learn more about how departments purchase from UC San Diego Surplus Sales

Free Chemicals


EPP Guides

End of Product Life

Purchasing comes with disposal responsibilities

Make sure you dispose of things properly whenever possible


  • Extra chemicals? Donate to Chemcycle
  • Send excess university property to Surplus Sales. Surplus will sell back to UCSD or the community at a lower price.
  • Expanded Polystyrene (Styrofoam) Cooler Packaging and Gel Packs
    • From Sigma-Aldrich: Instructions
    • From Life Technologies: Drop off clean Life Technologies coolers AND gel packs next to the Core Bio Services receiving doors. CORE will return the coolers and gel packs to Life Technologies for reuse
    • Non-Life Technologies gel packs: Please give them to a Core Bio Services sales associate at the front desk. CORE partners with UCSD's Athletic department to reuse gel packs among athletic training staff. Deliveries are made monthly

Recycle: See How to Recycle at UCSD

Proper Landfill Disposal


These links provided material for this page. Use them for more detailed information on EPP.

Annual Green Spend Reporting

UC Annual Green Spend Reporting:  The University of California San Diego spend data, is required by UC policy, from July 1 – June 30. The University of California is required to report annually on its sustainability performance in key product categories.

Please review the University of California Systemwide Procurement video that explains the Green Spend Reporting process.

For more information, contact greenprocurement