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How to Become a PO Requisitioner in Oracle

Learn how to become authorized to purchase items for your department in Oracle.


When purchasing goods and services, two key roles come into play:

  • Professional Buyer's role: The Chief Procurement Officer has the ultimate authority to purchase goods and services for UC San Diego. The Chief Procurement Officer can delegate to departments the authority to buy certain goods and services. In departments, this responsibility falls on PO Requisitioners.

  • PO Requisitioner's role: A PO Requisitioner has the delegated authority to purchase materials, supplies, services, and repairs when these goods and services:
    • Don't exceed their delegated threshold ($500, $2,500, or $5,000), including tax, freight, and handling charges
    • Don't qualify as >equipment
    • Aren't for restricted items
    • Don't require a signed contract

PO Requisitioners receive purchasing authority by delegation from their department through the Services and Support application. PO Requisitioners must comply with all applicable federal, state, and university policies and procedures. 

Employees and affiliates will automatically have access to Oracle with the PO Requisitioner $0 role. Those receiving a role with a delegated purchasing authority ($500, $2500, $5000) will be required to watch a video on Oracle Procurement in UC Learning.

Policy violations

PO Requisitioners who violate policy may be subject to disciplinary action including written warnings, mandatory training, loss of purchasing authority, probation, termination, and criminal prosecution.

Examples of activities that violate policy include purchases that:

  • Are fraudulent transactions
  • Are made by non-authorized employees
  • Use unauthorized buying methods i.e. a valid Purchase Order or Procurement Card is not provided to the supplier at the time of purchase
  • Exceed the buyer's authorization
  • Consist of restricted goods or services
  • Are for personal use or benefit
  • Violate policy on employee-vendor relationships
  • Involve signing a contract that commits funds for purchase


PO Requisitioners' responsibilities include placing orders by using the following processes:

  • Oracle Procurement


Purchasing Authorizations and Training

Procurement Card Holder


  • Procurement Card Cardholder Training Tutorial
    If your department has approved you to receive an Procurement Card, you must take this tutorial to receive your card. Visit the UC Learning Center and use the course catalog or search box to find Procurement Card Cardholer Orientation.


Procurement Card Department Administrator (PCDA)


  • Procurement Card Administrator Training
    You must take this course to be a delegated Procurement Card Department Administrator (PDCA) who is responsible for managing the use of the Procurement Card program in your department. Visit the UC Learning Center and use the course catalog or search box to find Procurement Card Department Administrator course.


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