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Goods & Services with Purchasing Restrictions

If you purchase goods or services for your department, read this page to learn about items with specific ordering processes.

Refer to the guidelines before processing your order. Do NOT sign a supplier contract.

Purchase Type Instructions

Alcohol and\or bar service for a meeting or hosted event

Refer to guidance

Alcohol for ships operations or specialized inventory

Refer to PPM 510-1, Section XIII  

Place your order in Oracle.


See Animal Acquisitions

If you need to purchase animals, please contact, (858) 534-4263


See Gifts and Awards

Building alterations, repairs, maintenance, cleaning, landscape, sign fabrication services or special refuse pickups

See How to Request Facilities Management Services


See Entertainment: Allowable Expenses and Occasions

For on-campus catering, visit Catering Services.

To use UC San Diego Catering or Dining Delivers, see Housing Dining Hospitality Catering Overview.

Chartering of buses, shuttles, boats, planes, etc.

Place your order in Oracle

Consultant services

See Independent Contractors/ Consultants

Place your order in Oracle.

Controlled substances, regardless of cost

See How to Order Controlled Substances

*Do not use an iRequest for Controlled Substances purchases

Copiers, regardless of value

See How to Request a Copier From Imprints

Contact Imprints, UC San Diego's copier service, (858) 534-2377

Duplication/Design & Print Services

Visit Imprints for more information, (858) 534-3020

Equipment [inventorial] over $4999

See Ways to Acquire Inventorial Equipment

Place your order in Oracle.

Fabrications with a purchase value of more than $4999

See How to Handle a Fabrication

Place your order in Oracle using the Goods One Time Request

Firearms, explosives, and ammunition regardless of cost

Place your order in Oracle using the Goods One Time Request 


See Gifts and Awards: Flowers

Food and Beverages - Supplies only for Non-Catering

Place your order in Oracle using the Goods One Time Request 

Foreign purchases, (except subscriptions and renewals to foreign journals)

Place your order in Oracle.

Gifts/ Gift Certificates

See Gifts and Awards

Independent contractors

See Independent Contractors/ Consultants 

Place your order in Oracle.

Meals, Travel & Entertainment Card, or entertainment expenses

See Travel & Entertainment Card Use the UC San Diego Travel & Entertainment Card


See Membership Guidelines

Moves: New employee household, relocation allowances or local office moves

See Overview: Move/ Transfer Expenses, or Moving Services

Contact Employee Moves or Relocation Allowances or UC San Diego office moves


See Where to Buy Postage Stamps

Precious metals

Place your order in Oracle using the Goods iOne Time Request 

Purchases for Non-UC San Diego business

Personal purchases are not allowed under any circumstances

Radioactive materials (regardless of cost)

See Buying Radioactive Materials

Place your order in Oracle 

Real estate rentals or leases

See UC San Diego Real Estate

Contact the Real Estate office at (858) 534-1488

Subcontracts, subawards, or agreements involving sponsored projects

See Subawards

Place your order in Marketplace using the Subaward with IDC (S) iRequest


See Signing Contracts and Agreements

Place your order in Oracle  using either the Goods One Time Request 

See Listing of Commodities by Procurement Teams for Professional Buyer contact information. 

Temporary employees

See Temporary Employment Services contact TES, (858) 534-4604

A Temporary Employment Services Request is available in Oracle  (select account code '637267-Temporary Employee Services' when using this iRequest)

Vehicle maintenance, supplies, rentals, leases or purchases

See Vehicle Services

If you are on Travel status, contact UC San Diego Travel for assistance

For rentals, place your order in Marketplace using a Fleet Services Request

For outside rentals of other vehicles and vehicle-related goods/services, use the Goods Request or the Services Request and select account code '635300-Rental of Equipment and Furniture'

For purchases of other vehicles and vehicle-related goods/services, use the Goods Request or the Services Request and select account code '649010-Automotive Vehicles-DVV Registered'

Do not sign a supplier contract
Find answers, request services, or get help from our team at the UC San Diego Services & Support portal.