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Rectifying Concur and Oracle Documents

This page will provide guidance in how to rectify PO requisitions, invoices, Concur Requests, Concur Expense Reports, and Payment Requests that were charged to the incorrect chart string or the incorrect payee.

Concur Requests and Expense Reports

Once a Concur Request has been fully approved, no edits can be made to it. Please note that Request and Expense Report chart string information do not need to match. Unless there is a need to ensure commitments are recorded onto the correct Project, you do not need to start a Request over if the chart string information does not match the Report.

Once a Concur Expense Report has been fully approved, no edits can be made to it. See the Invoices section for guidance on rectifying Concur invoices.

Invoices (Concur, PO, Payment Request)

The process for correcting invoices will depend on whether or not they have been paid. Refer to the How to Change the POETAF or Chart String on a PO Invoice KBA for instructions on correcting PO invoices.

For Payment Requests, first determine if the invoice has been paid. If it has not been paid, you may submit a case via Services & Support to request the Payment Request be canceled and re-entered with different POETAF information. If it has already been paid, then a cost transfer will be necessary.

Concur invoices cannot be edited once they appear in Oracle. If the chart string needs to be changed, a cost transfer will be necessary. If payment went out to the incorrect payee, please submit a case to Travel via Services & Support to receive assistance.


If the requisition has not been approved into a PO, you may Withdraw and Edit the PO from the Actions menu at the top right. This will revert the requisition back to a shopping cart and allow you to edit the Billing section before resubmitting.

If the requisition has been approved into a PO and no invoices have been received, you may process a change order. If invoices have been received and/or paid against the PO, you may refer to the Invoicing section to correct the invoices and PO.

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