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Employee Non-Cash Gifts and Awards

Find out how to award employees with non-cash awards and give gifts in certain circumstances.


  • Disbursements Gift Card
  • Flowers
  • Plants
  • Fruit
  • Books
  • Ticket to a sporting or cultural event (season tickets excluded)
  • Plaque

Overview of Non-Cash Award and Gift Types

Award Types PDF

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Other Gifts Types

Quantity purchases of on-the-spot recognition awards

Non-cash employee recognition awards (usually gift cards) given throughout the year to recognize an individual or team effort are oftentimes referred to as "on-the-spot" awards. A department might award an employee with a single recognition award not to exceed $75 in a calendar year, or can award an employee up to 3 awards per year (not to exceed $75). These on-the-spot awards can be purchased in advance quantities if the following rules are followed:

  • Gift cards and certificates are kept in a secure place
  • Proper documentation of gift card and certificate use is maintained
  • Gift cards and certificates aren't purchased in quantities greater than what is to be awarded in a fiscal year
  • The value of the gift card or certificate does not exceed $75
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Notice: UCSD's non-cash award policy is derived from UC Policy and Regulations. Published policy is decisive as it has been adapted to UCSD's organization, delegation of authority, terminology, and chart of accounts.