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Life Cycle Cost Analysis

Learn about how UC San Diego intentionally focuses on sustainable activities to ensure the wellbeing of the people and communities where we live and serve.

UC San Diego’s procurement utilizes the life cycle cost analysis when evaluating the total cost of ownership, including acquisition, operation, maintenance, and disposal costs. By considering the long-term financial implications, UC San Diego can identify products that offer environmental and economic benefits over their entire life cycle. Through UC’s comprehensive sustainability policy, UC San Diego demonstrates its commitment to responsible procurement practices, promoting environmental stewardship, resource conservation, and long-term cost-effectiveness across its campuses.

This forward-thinking strategy aims to minimize the ecological footprint of the UC system's supply chain decisions.


Energy and Water Efficiency

When available, the UC system focuses its procurement efforts on products that have earned ENERGY STAR and WaterSense certifications. These certifications ensure that the products meet stringent energy and water efficiency standards, contributing to reduced resource consumption and lower operational costs over their lifetime.


Environmental Claims and Certifications

When suppliers make environmentally preferable purchasing claims, they are required to provide proper certification or detailed information to substantiate their claims. This information should include the product's environmental benefits, durability, take-back programs, reuse options, and recyclable properties. This transparency ensures that the UC system can make informed decisions and verify the environmental credentials of the products it procures.



UC Sustainable Practices Policy

UC San Diego Environmental Protection Policy

California Water Constitution