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Electronic Waste Recycling Fee

Learn about California's Electronic Waste Recycling Act, which adds a waste recycling fee to some computer and television purchases.

To learn about e-Waste recycling and disposal at UC San Diego, see Universal and Electronic Waste Disposal

California's eWaste fees are collected on in-state sales of covered electronic devices (CEDs). The state uses these revenues to fund safe, cost-free, convenient collection and recycling of CEDs which contain hazardous materials.

What this means to UCSD

  • The UC San Diego Bookstore includes the recycling fee in their recharge for computer purchases.
  • All other suppliers in Marketplace will include the recycling fee in their quotes and final invoices.

The fee is based on the screen size of the electronic device:

Screen size (measured diagonally) Recycling fee
Greater than 4 inches and
less than 15 inches
Equal to or greater than 15 inches
and less than 35 inches
35 inches or larger $6

Covered electronic devices (CEDs) include:

  • Computer monitors
  • Laptop computers
  • Portable DVD players with liquid crystal display (LCD) screens
  • Bare cathode ray tubes and devices containing cathode ray tubes
  • Televisions with
    • LCD screens
    • Plasma screens
    • Cathode ray tubes

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