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Printer Refresh Program

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Learn how to replace your current printer with a new high-efficiency HP printer for a nominal handling charge.

UC San Diego's Integrated Procure-to-Pay Solutions has partnered with Hewlett-Packard (HP) to replace existing printers on campus that are nearing the end of their usable lifetime. HP will provide new high-efficiency printers at no charge to campus departments. In order to run the program, however, a small $30 non-refundable fee will be charged for each printer exchanged. This is a phased program. In each phase, we will target the oldest and most energy inefficient printers on campus first. Exchanges will be made as new printers become available.

The new HP printers will help reduce our printing carbon footprint not only through energy usage, but also through increased efficiency in toner and paper use. Overall this program is designed to help departments save money on printing costs in the long run. 

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Program Goals and Environmental Benefits

Goal: Provide campus with the tools to do their jobs productively, while reducing costs and minimizing environmental impact associated with UC San Diego's printing.

  • Save Energy
    • Cut campus energy usage by up to 75% by replacing old, energy-inefficient printers with new, Energy Star certified printers
  • Waste Reduction
    • Reduce toner cartridge waste by switching to high-capacity toner, which print more pages per cartridge
    • Old printers and accessories are recycled properly through Surplus Sales
  • Save Paper
    • Provide duplex-capable printers, encouraging double-sided printing
    • Newer technology printers are more capable of handling high recycled-content paper
  • Save Money
    • Now an option with newer printers, high capacity toners and recycled-content paper are usually more cost-effective
    • Avoid costs from purchasing a new printer


All UC San Diego departments that are serviced by Integrated Procure-to-Pay Solutions's Receiving and Distribution, and who have a valid index, are eligible for this program. Currently, this program is not available to UC San Diego Medical Center departments.

How to Replace Your Printer

  1. Check this page to see if new HP printers have become available
  2. If printers are available, check in with your IT Support and let them know you are interested in participating in this program to ensure appropriate printer exchange.  Be sure to schedule an installation date with your IT support technician to minimize downtime.
  3. Request an Exchange: Fill out the online Printer Exchange Request Form
  4. IPPS will review the request and make sure all required information has been provided
  5. If your printer is deemed eligible for a replacement you will be contacted by IPPS for further information
  6. Once an order for your new HP printer has been placed, typical delivery time is 3-5 business days
  7. IPPS Receiving & Distribution will deliver your new printer to the location specified in the request form
  8. The requestor is responsible for scheduling a Surplus Sales pick-up of your old printer 7-10 business days following drop-off of the new equipment (this is a mandatory requirement of the exchange program).  You will need to fill out a Surplus Sales Transfer Request in CAMS.

Please note that if you are planning to transfer several items to Surplus Sales simultaneously, you must fill out a separate transfer request for your printer. For all inquiries about the Printer Refresh Program, e-mail greenprocurement@ucsd.edu.

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