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Strategic Sourcing

Stretch your department dollars by taking advantage of UC's Strategic Sourcing initiative.

Strategic Sourcing combines the buying power of all UC campuses, medical centers and labs to negotiate procurement agreements with suppliers.


It benefits your department through savings in money, time, and resources:

  • Products and services valued at over $100,000 and purchased through Strategic Sourcing agreements do not have to go through the competitive bid process, saving time and resources.
  • Strategic Sourcing agreements provide greater savings through larger discounts.
  • Marketplace, UCSD's online buying site, offers one-stop shopping via online catalogs featuring many of the goods and services negotiated through Strategic Sourcing.
  • Volume sales, generated when your department buys from Strategic Sourcing suppliers, make it easier for the university to negotiate even better prices when contracts are renewed.
  • Focuses on the total cost of ownership (PDF), not just the purchase price.

Current agreements

See all of the local campus-wide and Systemwide agreements available in Marketplace and the corresponding UC San Diego Strategic Sourcing Commodity Manager responsible for each: Current Agreements (Excel).

Review the Listing of Commodities by Procurement Teams for more information on the procurement team assigned to the commodity or to inquire about UC Systemwide Strategic Sourcing Agreements available for campus use.

Additional information

As part of its dedication to sustainability, including promoting a shift to greener markets and more environmentally friendly communities, the university will incorporate its commitment to environmentally preferable purchasing into existing Strategic Sourcing efforts.

Support for Strategic Sourcing: The University of California Office of the President gives high priority to the Strategic Sourcing initiative, and UC chancellors and vice chancellors endorse it.

Note: this page has a friendly link that's easy to remember: http://blink.ucsd.edu/go/strategicsourcing