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System Status: 

Supply Chain Status

Get the latest supply status from key suppliers serving UC San Diego. Learn about our strategy for navigating supply shortages due to unpredictable circumstances related to sourcing and delivering goods to campus such as natural disasters, shifts in the market, and strikes, etc.

Recommendations from Strategic Sourcing to minimize impact:

  • Forecast and place orders as early as possible
  • Expect and budget for potential cost increases 
  • Procurement and suppliers are actively working on substitutions as soon as it’s known that products may be delayed or unavailable - if you hear from a supplier about a delay, please notify Strategic Sourcing via Services & Support

Issues and Impacted Goods

  • Microchip shortage
  • Laminated glass shortage – computers
  • Toner/paper shortage
  • Cardboard shortage
  • Plastics shortage – variety of items
  • Pork products cost increase – permanent in California
  • Shipping and freight driver shortage
  • Import issues due to lack of containers and port labor – all goods affected
  • Labor shortages
    • In addition to impacting contracted services many production facilities and goods suppliers are struggling with outbreaks and isolation requirements as COVID cases increase.
  • Increasing prices expected (mostly due to labor but in some cases higher material costs)
  • Lithium-Ion battery shortage – electronics, power tools
  • Steel can shortage – aerosols
  • Disposable PPE shortage – masks, respirators, gloves and clothing
    • Departments can order UCSD’s safety stock by searching “COVIDPPE” in Oracle. Visit Ordering COVID PPE for more information.
Find answers, request services, or get help from our team at the UC San Diego Services & Support portal.