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Rolling Back to a Previous Version

Find out how to roll a page back to a previous version in the CMS.

Every time you Submit edits for a page, a new version is created. The CMS will keep the 20 most recent versions of a page, allowing you to roll back to a previous version. Note that using Save & Preview does not create a new version.

  1. Navigate to the page you want to roll back
  2. Click More >> Versions

    More Versions screen shot
  3. Click the checkbox next to the version you want to use.

    Versions screen screen shot
  4. When you select a version, three icons will appear: Versions screen screen shot
    • From left to right, these are
      • Restore This Version: Make the selected version the active version in the CMS (you will still need to publish this page to see the changes on the live site)
      • Compare With Current: View the selected page with changed sections highlighted
      • Delete: We do not recommend deleting old versions of a page