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How to Activate Touch-Tone During a Call (Digital Phones Only)

Learn how to enter additional numbers when required during a phone call to reach extensions, choose from numeric menus, activate a pager, use a credit card, leave a voice mail, or conduct any other type of communication that requires touch-tone signals.

Note: The information on this page is generally applicable to digital phone models at UCSD. You may need to check specific information about your phone and the features available to you.

1. Activate the touch-tone feature.

  • Initiate a call.
  • When you are asked to dial an extension or enter additional numbers, first press either 9 or the ETE soft key or the Dial Add'l Digits button, then press the additional numbers you've been asked to enter.

Note: "Touch-tone" is also known as Dual Tone Multi-Frequency (DTMF), the system used by touch-tone phones.

2. Cancel the touch-tone feature.

  • The touch-tone feature will automatically cancel when you place the call on hold or hang up the handset.
For more information, contact the ITS Service Desk, (858) 246-4357 or ext. 6-HELP.