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How to Forward Calls to an Off-Campus Number (external call forwarding)

Learn how to forward incoming calls to an off-campus number.

Note: Call forwarding requires Feature Package 3. We have special instructions in place to support remote work during COVID-19.

  1. Fill out a Customer Service Request (CSR).
  2. Use P-T-F 1002122-4- for all Feature Pack 3 add-ons and Call List (external call forwarding) services related to COVID-19. Charges will only be waived for these two services; other services will still require a departmental index.
  3. Enter yourself for "Name of service contact."
  4. Enter your local fiscal administrator for "Name of fiscal contact."
  5. Select Telephone Software Programming Changes from the "Select a service" drop-down menu.
  6. In the "Detailed description of work requested field," enter add Feature Package 3 for phone forwarding along with your work phone number, and the phone number you’d like your number forwarded to. Indicate one of these 2 options:
    1. Option 1: Bypass all campus phone systems and forward directly to another number. Any voicemail will be captured by your own personal voicemail system, if set up.
      • Ex: “Please set up a bypass for all calls from x4XXXX to (888) 888-8888" 
    2. Option 2: Forward the call (3 rings) to another number, then redirect to campus voicemail.
      • Ex: “Please forward x4XXXX to (888) 888-8888 for 3 rings, then send to campus voicemail”.

You do not need to come onto campus to do this and you will not be charged for this change.

1. Make sure you have Feature Package 3.

2. Activate the external call-forward feature.

  • Lift the handset.
  • Press * 2 3 # 8
  • Enter the local destination number.
  • Press #
  • Replace the handset.

3. Cancel call forwarding.

  • Lift the handset.
  • Press # 2 3 #
  • Listen for a normal dial tone.
  • Replace the handset.
For more information, contact the ITS Service Desk, (858) 246-4357 or ext. 6-HELP.
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