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How to Use Automatic Callback

Learn how to use Automatic Callback.

When an on-campus number is busy or does not answer, initiating this feature makes your phone ring when the called party becomes available.The number is automatically redialed when you answer the special ring.

Note: The information on this page is generally applicable to most phone models at UCSD.

1. Make sure you have Feature Package 1.

2. Activate the automatic callback feature.

  • When you dial an on-campus number but get a busy signal, Press 6.
  • Listen for confirmation: 3 beeps.

Note: You must hear a busy signal before you can activate automatic callback.

3. Answer an automatic callback.

  • Lift the handset when you hear the distinctive callback ring — 8 fast rings.
  • After you lift the handset, the telephone will begin to ring at at the number you called originally.

4. Cancel automatic callback.

  • Press # 6 # to cancel the automatic callback feature.

Note: Automatic callback cancels itself automatically after 20 minutes.

For more information, contact the ITS Service Desk, (858) 246-4357 or ext. 6-HELP.