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Payment Options

A brief description on the different ways to be paid by UC San Diego. Click on a payment option to learn more about that specific option.

Preferred Payment Option

Preferred payment options may be requested through PaymentWorks during supplier onboarding.

Virtual Card

  • Terms: Net 0 
  • Advanced email notification of payments
  • Available to suppliers that accept VISA
  • Standard Credit Card processing fees apply

Other Payment Options

Other payment options may be requested through PaymentWorks during supplier onboarding. 

Direct Deposit (ACH)

  • Terms: Net 45 
  • Advanced email notification of payments
  • Available to all suppliers with bank accounts within the United States


  • Terms: Net 60
  • Highest risk of fraud and vulnerable to mail delays
  • Slowest payment option

Wires (for foreign suppliers only)

  • Standard payment method for suppliers with foreign bank accounts who do not accept other payment options
  • Payees may be charged a transaction fee 

Please see this Blink page for more information about Wire Payments

Human Subject Payment Options

Payment options for human subjects may be requested through Concur.

Visa Gift Card

  • Pre-paid, non-reloadable VISA cards available in denominations of $5-$500. Initial loading fee of $1.00 per gift card applies.
  • Gift cards cannot be canceled or returned after issuance 
  • Departments are responsible for all incurred charges

Expense Reimbursement

  • Must be approved and specified within the IRB
  • Examples of expenses covered: Hotel/ Lodging, Meals, Mileage
  • Medical reimbursement is paid at the Medical Mileage rate of $0.18/mile or subjects can be reimbursed for the actual cost of gas


  • This option is requested through Concur, "Payment to PI"
  • A check will be issued to the PI (or other contact within the study). The check must be taken to Wells Fargo and cashed, and cash can be disbursed to human subjects. 
  • Please refer to BUS 49 cash handling procedures on how to secure the cash.
  • Human Subjects are required to submit the W9, which includes name, address and SSN
    • Information will be reported to the IRS
  • Human Subjects receiving more than $600 in a single calendar year will receive a 1099

Human Subject Procurement Card

  • Used to purchase merchant gift cards as needed without having to submit a cash advance
  • Offers department access to more gift cards
  • Same Human Subject policies and procedures apply
  • You can use one card for each study, or one card for multiple studies


Direct Payment

Employee Payment Options

Employee payment options are selected via employee's payroll payment option on UC Path. 

Direct Deposit

  • Direct Deposit for non-payroll related expenses 


  • For payees who do not accept any other payment method

What are net terms?

Net terms is an agreement between two parties that a payment of the entire invoice amount is required within a certain time period. At UC San Diego, payment terms are set with careful consideration. Our terms have been established based on industry standards and are designed to ensure a smooth operation and maintain a fair and consistent approach for all our clients. Our net terms vary on the payment method selected. For example:

Virtual Card - Net 0

Direct Deposit - Net 45

Check - Net 60 

*Note: Payment terms are net from invoice date. 

Please also keep this in mind when you are looking up the status of invoices and payments. The invoice may be validated and approved but a payment will not be issued until the due date (e.g. invoice date is June 1, 2023, is approved by June 20th, but isn’t due until July 15, 2023, so a direct deposit is sent July 15, 2023 for Net 45 direct deposit terms).


Need help? Contact our team via the UC San Diego Services & Support portal.

Additional Resources

For supplier-related questions, please refer them to the IPPS Payments and Invoicing Page to get more information on their options.