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Direct Deposit (ACH)

Read about Disbursements direct deposit (ACH) payments to payees (non-payroll related).

If you are an employee and are already set up to receive direct deposit (ACH) through the Payroll system, you do not need to also enroll in the Disbursements system.

How to Enroll in Direct Deposit (ACH)?

To enroll in direct deposit (ACH):

  • Reach out to the department you are conducting business with at UC San Diego to request an invitation to register in our supplier portal, PaymentWorks. For more information about this supplier portal, visit our Blink page on PaymentWorks.
  • Once you receive an invitation via email, follow email instructions to create a profile and fill out a registration.
  • Direct deposit payments will appear in your bank account within 24-72 business hours from the date you receive the payment notification, this is at the discression of your banking institution.


  • How long does it take to receive payment to the bank?
    • Payment terms for direct deposit are Net 45, however, after the payment is issued, funds will be deposited into the payee's bank account within 24-72 business hours from the date you receive the payment notification.
  • How do you change the remittance email for direct deposit (ACH)?
  • How can I see when a direct deposit payment (ACH) was issued?
  • How can department view payment information?
    • Departments and campus users should utilize Oracle Financial Cloud (OFC) to view invoice and payment details.
  • What should I do if a payment was issued to the incorrect bank account?
    • Submit a request via the Services & Support portal to the Banking Services team who will investigate. 
  • How do I update my direct deposit (ACH) information as a UC San Diego employee?
    • To update your employee (payroll) banking information please visit UC Path.
Need help? Contact our team via the UC San Diego Services & Support portal.