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Learn more about PaymentWorks, UC San Diego's payee management tool.

Update to PaymentWorks Payee Invitation Form

On December 15th, we released a new feature on PaymentWorks that allows users to choose whether their payee fills out a registration form for a Purchase Order payee, or a registration form for a Non-Purchase Order payee. For more information about the changes, check out the video below.

PaymentWorks is an online self-service tool that simplifies how payees do business with UC San Diego. It is a widely trusted program that is used in other higher education establishments (including several other UC's) as a safe way to handle the collection, validation, and management of all payee information.

Migrating payee registration from Payment Compass to PaymentWorks is a necessary security measure to maintain the best defense against increasingly complex fraud schemes. Analytica recommended PaymentWorks as part of the Supplier Risk Management engagement initiated by the University of California Office of the President and is being adopted by many of the other UC campuses. 

Announcement - PaymentWorks has arrived!

Use this link to access PaymentWorks: UCSD PaymentWorks Sign-In (SSO required).

What are the benefits to PaymentWorks?

  • New Payee Registration Tracking
    • PaymentWorks provides campus clients with access to invitations and registration status for their payees - eliminating the need to request updates via Service & Support.  
  • ACH Payment Option for Purchase Order (PO) Suppliers
    • UC San Diego stopped offering ACH as a payment method to PO Suppliers in 2018, after being the victim of supplier imposter fraud. PaymentWorks uses a global model of around 200,000 suppliers to help detect fraud and provides indemnification if fraud were to take place - allowing us to securely expand ACH payments to all suppliers. 
  • Streamlined Registration
    • PaymentWorks streamlines supplier's registration by maintaining a core profile that can easily be shared with other clients they do business with through PaymentWorks. Campus clients will also have access to a sample registration form, showing all the information required to set up a new payee. 

Who can access PaymentWorks?

  • PaymentWorks will be accessible to external payees and the campus community.

Campus Resources

Supplier Resources

If suppliers ask questions about the launch of PaymentWorks, please refer them to the following resources.

What’s happening with Payment Compass?

Payment Compass will remain available for invoice submission and proxy registration until new solutions for these features are launched near the end of the calendar year*. To check payment status we encourage you to use Oracle, which provides the most up-to-date information including payment details. To view our systems' most up-to-date list of suppliers, please refer to the Supplier Inquiry Report within the Procure-to-Pay Panorama (view the Supplier Inquiry Report KBA for more info). 

*Stay tuned for more PaymentWorks and Payment Compass updates.

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