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Disbursement Unclaimed Vendor Refund Checks

Departments can submit a case regarding a refund check they believe should be claimed for their department.

The university receives many refund checks from suppliers that are left unclaimed. In efforts to support UC San Diego departments in finding their missing refunds, Disbursement has created a Google sheet that everyone can access and view current unclaimed checks. To view the updated list, please navigate to the unclaimed refund checks page. If you believe a refund check found on the live spreadsheet should be transferred to your department, please submit a case on Services & Support.

How to Submit a Case to Claim a Check for your Department

If you recognize or believe a refund check should be transferred to your department, please fill out a claim form and attach it to your request. You can make multiple claims on one request form. Please also attach any documents, e.g., invoice or purchase order, that may help with the request.

To submit a claim, log onto the UC San Diego's Services & Support Portal. Follow the directions below on how to submit a case and what contents to include in your request. If you have any other questions or need further support on how to claim an unclaimed refund check, please do not hesitate to submit a request through the same instructions.

About: Invoices & Payables
Related to: Supplier Invoices
More Specifically: Supplier Credit Memos or Refunds

Subject: Unclaimed Refund Check

Description: List the refund checks you are claiming and the supplier.

Add Attachments: Attach claim form and any supporting documents, such as invoice, purchase order, emails, and/or refund receipt.