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Credit Memos and Refund checks

Find information about how to handle credits due to your department for returned goods or services

A credit memo is a document issued by a supplier when purchased products or requested services are not delivered, performed or are returned by the customer. It indicates a credit is owed to the customer for the value of the returned or undelivered goods. A credit memo will be reduced from a future outgoing payment to the supplier.

A refund check is a check payment issued by the supplier to campus for purchased products or requested services that are not delivered, performed or are returned by the customer. A refund check is deposited directly back to your department funds. 

Non-agreement suppliers are highly encouraged to provide refund checks, whereas agreement suppliers may provide either a credit memo or a refund check.

An Agreement Supplier has contracted with UCSD to conduct business with the best negotiated prices. Most of the products and services available are sourced from a formal competitive bid process. Agreement suppliers will have a high volume of orders through Oracle. Example, Airgas, Office Depot, HD Supply, Waxie

NOTE: Campus is responsible for obtaining refund checks instead of credit memos for returned items and / or billing discrepancies with non-agreement suppliers.  

If you believe an unclaimed refund check should be issued to your department, please visit the Unclaimed Refund Checks page for more information.

Looking for Concur-related Credit Memos? 

Uncleared Credit Memos as a result of Personal/Non-Reimbursable Card Charges, Cash Advance Returns and Travel Card Per Diem Offset from approved Concur Expense Reports can be located through the Department Exceptions Panorama as well as the Procure-to-Pay Panorama.


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