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Campus Cards for Faculty and Staff

Faculty and staff, find out how and where to use your Campus Card.


The cost of a new employee/affiliate ID card is currently $25. Departments can cover the cost by providing a valid project number, task number, and if applicable, funding source number. Alternatively, the employee/affiliate can make the $25 cash payment at our office during their appointment. 


The Campus Cards Office is currently available by appointment-only, Monday-Friday, from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. 

Please follow the steps below to initiate the process of obtaining an ID card. 

1.) Email us ( to request an ID card. 
2.) Campus Cards staff will inform you what we need in order to process your request.
3.) Campus Cards staff will provide you with a link to set up an appointment with our office. 

Important: We cannot accept walk-in requests. Please email us first; you will receive a response same day. We will do our best to accommodate your request for an ID card as quickly as possible. The Campus Cards Office does not mail out ID cards. 

Exciting News: The Campus Cards Office has transitioned affiliates to the One Card, effective May 2022. As a result, new affiliates will now receive the official One Card. Current/existing affiliates are also able to upgrade their current legacy ID card to the One Card by completing our Services and Support Upgrade Request Form

Please note that the $25 charge remains in effect for affiliates upgrading to the One Card. This charge can be paid for by either the affiliate’s department or the individual affiliate.

Oracle Financial Cloud Update 

Departments covering the cost of an ID card are required to provide the Common Chart of Accounts - specifically, the Project, Task, and Fund (if applicable) numbers. Please be sure to use the Campus Card Request Form, which accounts for this payment method. 

UC Path Update

With UCSD's transition to UC Path complete, all UCSD employees have new employee numbers. Please be sure to use the updated version of the Campus Card Request Form, which includes additional space for the new employee number. 

Need to find your employee number? Employees can access their employee number via Ecotime and via the new UC Path online portal


The Campus Card Office is located in the Student Services Center, Suite 354A ( map)

Business Hours:

Please check our calendar for the most up-to-date business hours!

About Campus Card

Your Campus Card is your employee ID and key to the campus. In addition to serving as your official photo identification card and security badge, the Campus Card will give you access to campus buildings and events, and lets you:

Special Badge Requests

If you are a department on-campus and need to request special badges (i.e. RA badges, CSO badges, etc.), please contact us at our UCSD email address . Please also complete our Campus Cards Special Request form and attach it to your email (please note that there are two different tabs you must complete on the form).

Emergency Access Requests

The card also gives proof of official campus affiliation for quick identification during an emergency or major disaster. If your job duties grant you special access during an emergency, your department can request this designation on your card. Please note that campus affiliates are ineligible for E-Access ID cards. 

Triton Cash

Triton Cash logo

When you deposit funds onto your Campus Card, it becomes a Triton Cash debit card, allowing you to make cash-free purchases at many on- and off-campus locations.

For more information, contact Campus Cards, (858) 534-6606.
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