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Campus Cards: Affiliate Categories

Find out if you meet the requirements for a UC San Diego Affiliate Campus Card.


Please follow the steps below to initiate the process of obtaining an ID card.

  1. Email us ( to request an ID card.
  2. Campus Cards staff will inform you what we need in order to process your request.
  3. Campus Cards staff will email you, informing you that your ID Card is available for pickup.

Important: Because there are a variety of items that we must reivew prior to printing out your ID card, we are unable to accept walk-ins. We will do our best to accommodate your request for an ID card as quickly as possible. The Campus Cards Office does not mail out ID cards. 

The Campus Cards Office has transitioned affiliates to the One Card, effective May 2022. As a result, new affiliates will now receive the official One Card. Current/existing affiliates are also able to upgrade their current legacy ID card to the One Card by completing our Affiliate One Card Upgrade Request Form. Please note that the $25 charge remains in effect for affiliates upgrading to the One Card. This charge can be paid for by either the affiliate’s department or the individual affiliate.

Oracle Financial Cloud Update

Departments covering the cost of an ID card are required to provide the Common Chart of Accounts - specifically, the Project, Task, and Fund (if applicable) numbers. Please be sure to use the Campus Card Request Form, which accounts for this payment method.

Affiliate ID Card Overview

The affiliate ID card primarily grants campus affiliates access to UCSD library services, as well as physical building space (access to be programmed by department). Affiliates can also load money onto their ID card via Triton Cash. Please find more information on the Triton Card Account Services website

Note: Please be sure to use the updated version of the Campus Card Request Form (version date: 5/31/22).


Spouses or children of staff or faculty members currently employed by UC San Diego.

Note: Affiliates' family members do not quality for this card.


An industry sector representative who works with a UC San Diego department, school, or divisions. Industrial/Contractor affiliates may conduct work or research on campus, but do not receive UC compensation.


A person who is officially retired from assigned duties as a staff or faculty member.

Academic retirees retain their title, along with the additional title of emeritus, as in "professor emeritus."

Visiting Graduate

A graduate student registered at an educational institution outside the UC system.

Visiting graduates pursue research related to their degree program at UC San Diego with the approval of a faculty sponsor, the department chair, or the organized research unit (ORU) director, and the associate dean of Graduate Studies.

Visiting Scholar

Senior scholars or distinguished visitors who are pursuing collaborative research or advanced study at UC San Diego, and who are supported from sources outside the university.

Visiting Undergraduate

An undergraduate student registered at an educational institution outside the UC system.


Someone who volunteers their services for a staff appointment without compensation, but is subject to the control or supervision of the university.

For more information, contact Campus Cards.