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How to Get or Replace a Faculty/Staff Campus Card

Faculty and staff, follow these steps to obtain a new or replacement Campus Card.


The Student Financial Solutions (SFS) Campus Cards Office is offering a giveaway for employees who upgrade to the new One Card. Any employee who upgrades to the new One Card between March 4, 2019 and December 31, 2019 is eligible to win one pair of Apple Air Pods! 

For more information, please view our One Card Giveaway flyer and our One Card replacement service webapge

Please note that UCSD Health Systems and UCSD affiliates are ineligible for the upgrade service at this time. 

Upon hire, a new employee must meet the following conditions in order to receive a Campus Identification Card:

  • Have a current employee number and have completed all payroll hire screens in the Payroll and Personnel System (PPS)
  • Must have an active appointment in the PPS System 24 hours prior to the issue of an Employee ID Card.

The Campus Card serves as the official photo identification card and security badge for UC - San Diego. In addition, it can serve as a door access key to general buildings and high security areas, as well as be utilized by Bookstore, UC Libraries, Imprints and other on-campus services. The Campus Card and all its services are based upon an active employee number. 

Need to find your employee number? Employees can access their employee number via MyTime (within the "Summary" tab) and via the "Earnings Statement" feature through At Your Service Online.

It is very important that employment appointments are kept active in the system to avoid disruption in services on campus.

Note: For departments providing budget indexes, please be aware that we usually charge indexes the beginning of each month. Please be sure to provide a budget index that will be remain active through at least the first week of the following month. 

Note: The UCSD Campus Card Office does not grant building access. If an employee or affiliate requires specific building, lab, etc. access, they must speak with their supervisor or building security to request this access. 

Note: The UCSD Campus Cards Office does not produce UC San Diego Health Systems ID Badges (PDF). For more information, visit the UC San Diego Health Sciences website. An additional resource is the Health Systems Employee Badge Release Policy (PDF). 

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1. Fill out a Campus Card Request form.

  • Download or ask your department HR contact for a Campus Card Request form (PDF).
  • Ask your department HR contact to provide the following information on the form, if applicable:
    • Employee ID number (required)
    • Emergency Access indicator
    • Departmental authorized signature (required)
    • Active departmental budget index to be charged $21.00
  • If you're requesting an affiliate card (which can be used at UCSD libraries and for on-campus transportation), see a description of affiliate categories to find out if you fit one of the following:
    • UC Retiree
    • Visiting Undergraduate
    • Visiting graduate
    • Visiting scholar
    • Clergy
    • Volunteer
    • Industrial/Contractor
    • Family

2. Find out if you are responsible for the Campus Card charge.

  • Ask your HR contact if you are responsible for paying for the card.
  • If you are responsible for the $21.00 fee:
    • Follow the instructions above to complete the form.
    • Go to the Central Cashier's Office, located on the ground floor of the Student Services Center (map), to make the $21.00 CASH payment.
    • Be sure to get a receipt, which you will need for Step 3.

3. Take your completed form to Student Business Services (SBS).

  • Visit the Campus Card Office
  • See the location and hours for the Campus Card Office
  • Bring the following with you:
    • Completed Campus Card Request form
    • Your $21.00 fee receipt from the Cashier's Office, if applicable 
    • One of the following photo IDs:
      • Passport
      • Valid driver's license
      • State identification card
  • Take your photo in the Campus Card Office
  • Receive your new UCSD Campus ID Card! 

4. Make a reservation for groups of 5 or more.

  • If you have a large group, it is recommended that you make a reservation for Campus Card photo sessions.
  • Please note that walk-ins may experience long wait times when picking up their Campus Cards if a group is present.

5. Replace your lost or stolen Campus Card.

  • Report your lost or stolen card immediately by notifying your department HR contact or Campus Cards, (858) 534-6606.
  • Get a new card by completing a Campus Card Request Form (PDF), and repeat Steps 1-3.

Note: Reprints of lost cards cost $21.00. Reprints of stolen cards are free if you provide a police report case number.

6. Replace your damaged Campus Card.

  • Any ID card being replaced due to wear and tear or other damages will cost $10.00 for all students, employees, and affiliates effective February 4, 2019.
    • The Campus Cards Office no longer replaces wear/tear cards free of cost due to the need to align our policies with all other UC campuses and due to our goal to eliminate subjectivity from the wear/tear replacement process.
  • In order to replace a damaged ID card, please follow the steps below:
    • Either ask your department supervisor or HR contact for a Campus Card Request Form or download and print one (PDF).
    • Ask your department supervisor or HR contact to provide the following information on the form:
      • Employee ID number (required)
      • Emergency Access indicator (if applicable)
      • Departmental authorized signature (required)
      • Active departmental budget index to be charged $10.00
      • If your department does not agree to cover the $10.00 cost of the replacement, take the completed form to the Central Cashier's Office located on the ground floor of the Student Services Center (Suite 170) to make the $10.00 cash payment.
      • Bring your receipt, the completed form, and one of the following photo I.D.'s to Student Business Services:
        • Valid driver's license
        • Passport
        • State identification card 
  •  Damaged Cards must be surrendered to the Campus Card Office for proper disposal.

7. Turn in your Campus Card when you separate from the University.

  • Turn in your Campus Card to your HR contact, and request a receipt if you need one.

Note: Your department must notify the Campus Card Office when you:

  • Go through any form of probation
  • Have a change in security status
  • Separate from the university

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Note: This page has a friendly link that's easy to remember: http://blink.ucsd.edu/go/id