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How to Get or Replace a Faculty/Staff Campus Card

Faculty and staff, follow these steps to obtain a new or replacement Campus Card.


The cost of a new employee/affiliate ID card is currently $25. Departments can cover the cost by providing a valid project number, task number, and if applicable, funding source number. Alternatively, the employee/affiliate can make a debit/credit card payment of $25 via our eMarket site (link is provided on our ID Card Request Form).

Oracle Financial Cloud Update 

Departments covering the cost of an ID card are required to provide the Common Chart of Accounts - specifically, the Project, Task, and Fund (if applicable) numbers. Please be sure to include this information when filling out the ID Card Request Form

Campus Card Overview

The Campus Card serves as the official photo identification card and security badge for UC San Diego. In addition, it can serve as a door access key to general buildings and high security areas, as well as be utilized by Bookstore, UC Libraries, Imprints and other on-campus services. The Campus Card and all its services are based upon an active employee number. 

Need to find your employee number? Employees can access their employee number via Ecotime and via the new UC Path online portal. 

Obtain your First Campus ID Card

  • Ask your department supervisor or HR contact to provide the following information: 
    • Employee ID number (required)
    • Chart of Accounts information (i.e. Project number, Task number, and Funding Source numbers) to be charged $25.00
      • If the department will not pay for the affiliate ID card, the employee/affiliate must make a cash payment at our office.  
  • Fill out an ID Card Request Form. Our team will then reach out to ask for the signed COA Authorization form. Then you'll receive an email with instructions to pick up your ID Card.
  • Affiliates: please reference our "Affiliate Categories" webpage for more information

Replace your Lost/Damaged/Stolen ID Card

The replacement cost for a new employee/affiliate ID card is $25. To request a replacement ID card, please fill out an ID Card Request Form. Once reviewed by Campus Card Staff, you will receive an email with instructions to pick up your ID Card.

Upgrade to One Card

Employees can now upgrade their old, legacy ID card to the new One Card at no cost to the employee, nor their department. To request a One Card upgrade, please fill out an ID Card Request Form. Once reviewed by Campus Card Staff, you will receive an email with instructions to pick up your ID Card.

Important Notes:

  • The Campus Cards Office cannot mail out ID cards.
  • Any access programmed on the legacy ID card may need to be recoded on the One Card. Please speak with your department or buiding security office, where applicable, to code your new One Card with access. 
  • New employee One Cards will not include an employee's department, nor their employee number.

Make a Reservation for Groups

If you would like to request a batch order, please submit a Service Ticket. To expedite your request, please include the following for each employee you are requesting an ID Card for: 

  • Employee Name
  • UC Path ID Number
  • If this is a FIRST ID card, please also attach a photo that meets the following criteria:
    • plain, white background
    • color photo
    • even lighting
    • no hats, sunglasses, or masks
    • no one else in the photo
    • .jpeg or .png file type
  • Chart of Accounts (Project and Task Number) or indicate if your staff will be paying out of pocket.

Please also include your preferred pick-up date. We will do our best to try and honor your requested pick-up date. 

Card Functionality

Employees can use their ID card for the following functions on-campus 

  • Identification
  • Library services (i.e. set up Library account with ID card)
  • Shuttle services
  • Parking services (i.e. purchase a parking permit)
  • Load money via Triton Cash
  • Dining facilitiy access 
  • Building/Office/Lab access

The Campus Cards Office does not grant building/office/lab access. If an employee or affiliate requires any time of physical access, they must speak with their supervisor or building security to request this access.

UCSD Health Systems Badge

The Campus Cards Office does not produce UC San Diego Health Systems ID badges. To request a Health Systems badge, please contact the Health Systems Security Office. Please find additional resources below.

Health Systems Badge Request Form

Health Systems Employee Badge Release Policy  

For more information or to ask a question, please submit a Service Ticket.
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