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Campus Cards: Department Administrators

If you serve as a department administrator, explore how you can facilitate ID card requests on behalf of fellow employees or guide them in securing their own ID cards

New Campus ID Card Request Form

In June, our office launched a New ID Card Request Form.

To obtain a new or replacement ID card, employees must submit an ID Card Request Form. The request form allows employees to pay for their ID card using a chart of accounts or individually fund it via credit card. If the employee chooses to pay for their ID card via chart of accounts, an email will be sent to their financial unit approvers to provide approval to use the COA. Approval must be obtained by the financial unit approver before the request form is processed and an ID card is printed by our office. If the financial unit approver rejects the funding request, the employee will receive an email notification. If the employee chooses to individually fund the ID card they will be able to pay using a credit/debit card via our eMarket. 

Once the ID card request has been processed by our office and the ID card has been printed, an email notification will be sent to the employee to inform them that they can pick up their ID card during business hours (no appointment needed to pick up the card). 

ONLY employees can submit a request form for themselves. If you are an HR representative then you can submit a Service Ticket to request an ID card for an employee (See down below for more information).

For further information please view our KBAs.

Request an ID card on Behalf of the Employee:

Please submit a Service Ticket with a filled out Campus ID card request form (link form). Additionally, please attach a photo of the employee so we can process the ID card.

If a chart of accounts is used to fund the cost of the ID card, the bottom section of the form must have a signature (HR representative, supervisor, financial unit approver) so the request could be processed.

If no chart string is provided the employee will be asked to make a credit card payment online via our eMarket. Our office will provide the link once we receive the request.


For more information or to ask a question, please submit a Service Ticket.