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One Card Project

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About One Card

UC San Diego is now implementing the One Card project, a campus-wide initiative to update and improve ID cards for students, staff, faculty and affiliates. The project, spanning over the next several years, will also streamline the processes associated with management of UC San Diego ID cards. Current incoming students will be the first to receive the new cards, followed by staff, faculty and others beginning 2019. During implementation, old ID cards will still remain in use and valid. 


  • The One Card project is a campus-wide initiative to improve processes associated with the management of ID cards at UC San Diego. The executive sponsor is Pierre Ouillet, Vice Chancellor-Chief Financial Officer.
  • As part of this initiative, a cross-functional team identified and coordinated the testing of a single card platform capable of both backwards compatibility and future extensibility, and developed a set of specifications to help guide future equipment purchases.
  • Partnering with the University Communications and Public Affairs office, updated designs were created to reflect new campus branding. New designs for Staff, Faculty, Affiliates, Extensions ID Cards are underway.

One Card Graduate Student

Once Card Medical Student

Once Card Back

One Card Pharmacy Student

New Features

  • The new card has the same magnetic stripe and barcode of the legacy card, making it backwards compatible with all known card readers. 
  • Additional features like near-field communication (NFC), proximity (PROX) and an embedded 4K chip will ensure that the cards will be up-to-date with modern readers being installed in new constructions.
  • Are you a vendor or buying new equipment on campus? See a list of compliant equipment and specifications.

Implementation Timeline

Fall 2018:

  • Incoming students have already begun receiving the new ID cards beginning Fall 2018. Student Financial Solutions (SFS), previously known as Student Business Services (SBS), will distribute the new cards to incoming undergraduates, graduates,School of Medicine and School of Pharmacy students.
  • All students who need a replacement card will get the new ID card.

Note: Only incoming students and student replacements cards are planned to receive new cards at this time. Old ID cards are still in use and are valid ID cards. All legacy student ID cards will be replaced over time.

Starting 2019:

  • SFS will work with partner offices to coordinate the replacement of all existing Staff and Faculty cards.