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“E” Emergency Access Cards

Learn about the “E” Emergency Access designation on campus ID cards.

"E" Emergency Access designationemergency access "E" logo

Campus IDs with an emergency access designation allow campus officials and UC San Diego Police to identify employees who may need access into a campus building or area during an emergency situation. 

UC San Diego employees who meet one of the following criteria can obtain this privilege:

  1. Have emergency responsibilities within your department
  2. Provide essential services to the university, e.g. Emergency Operations Center (EOC) staff, UC San Diego Medical Center, facilities staff, residence staff, dining staff, student health
  3. Need regular and/or ongoing access to a building after normal business hours or weekends

During emergency situations

UC San Diego Police may restrict access to campus and/or buildings, allowing only those authorized to be on campus performing an emergency or essential service. Due to security concerns, the general public including UC San Diego employees may be prevented from accessing certain buildings and areas on campus. Additionally, this designation does NOT guarantee entry through a restricted area. This could include a building or area that is accessed on a daily basis.

Your supervisor will contact you if you are needed to report to campus as essential personnel. With fluctuating conditions, personnel deemed essential may vary based on campus needs. 

UC San Diego employees must report on-site to check in with campus officials or law enforcement explaining their reasoning for access. Access will be determined on a case-by-case basis depending on the situation. The health, safety and security of the community will be the priority of incident command.

Obtaining access

Complete the “E” Emergency Access request form below. (Please note Department Head approval is required.)


Only authorized users have access to the database of individuals with "E" access. To request permission to be added as an authorized user, email with justification. Emergency Management & Business Continuity staff will review and respond to the inquiry within 72 hours.