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Activity Hubs

Learn about Activity Hubs, data repositories for employee, facilities, financial, research and student data, and accessing data for reporting and analytics.

Activity Hubs are UC San Diego's modernized data warehouse environment, running on the SAP Hana platform. The Activity Hubs comprise 5 primary data domains: Employee, Facilities, Financial, Research, and Student data. Each domain contains a carefully curated collection of data (a.k.a Curated Views), ensuring a single source of truth for optimized analysis and reporting. Data is blended across domains to support rich analysis capabilities. 

Access to the Activity Hubs is provided differently across each data domain. The workflow for requesting and granting access is defined by the data steward of that domain. In each case, the requestor fills out a form for manager and data steward approval. Once permission to access is granted, report developers use the Cognos or Tableau reporting and analysis tools to view and report on the data.

Report Developers

Report developers are individuals who have been granted access to Activity Hubs data and are responsible for creating and designing reports and analytics. Developers are required to undergo training and approval processes before access to the data is granted.

Report Consumers

Report consumers, on the other hand, are individuals who use the reports and analytics created by report developers to make data-driven decisions. Consumers do not have direct access to the data or tools that were used to create the reports, but are able to view data required by reports they have been grabted access to.

Data Review and Analysis

Data activity from each enterprise system and data source is run through a rigorous process of confirmation and quality assurance before it is stored in the hub repositories.

With approval to access hub data, report developers can build reports using the Cognos and Tableau data visualization tools. Report consumers can view and run developer-created reports to analyze the data from one or more hubs.

Communities of Practice are groups of developers and those who use data and analytics tools to meet to educate and guide others in data analysis and the use of the Cognos and Tableau tools.

Activity Hubs

Employee Activity Hub

The Employee Activity Hub (EAH) serves as the authoritative source of employee data for UC San Diego and provides a single, unified view of employee information across various systems and departments. The primary data source for EAH is UC Path. It also contains information about required employee training derived from UC Learning. 

The EAH supports the analysis of positions, pay, training, performance, and employee engagement. 

Facilities Activity Hub

Supporting blended facilities reporting and analysis, the Facilities Activity Hub (FacAH) is a central repository for UC San Diego enterprise system data as it relates to all facilities activity across relevant systems.

This hub contains data from current and future facilities systems, including space, personnel assignments and department allocation information. Allocation pattern analysis, space planning and forecast reporting, multi-department analysis, and person-assigned spaces data are available using the Cognos and Tableau visualization tools. Blending the facilities' data from FacAH with other Activity Hubs is supported in Cognos.

Financial Activity Hub

Supporting blended financial reporting and analysis, the Financial Activity Hub (FinAH) is a central repository for UC San Diego enterprise system data as it relates to all financial activity across relevant systems, starting with the Financial Information System (FIS).

FinAH data includes ledger, budget, and student financial information. Activity pattern analysis, budget and forecast reporting, multi-fund analysis, and tuition revenue modeling are available using the Cognos and Tableau visualization tools. The blending of financial data from FinAH with other Activity Hubs is also supported.

Research Activity Hub

The Research Activity Hub (RAH) supports the analysis of sponsored projects including pre and post award. The primary data source for RAH is Kuali Research. Major operational reports built on RAH include current awards and pending proposals, award obligations by totals per fiscal year, and quarterly award snapshots among others.

The BIA team partners closely with the Office of Contract and Grant Administration (OCGA) to continue to enhance the RAH, including a new subaward view and subaward invoice view. Also included is the addition of Kuali Institutional Review Board (IRB) and Conflict of Interest (COI) data to support compliance reporting.

Student Activity Hub

The Student Activity Hub (SAH) is a central repository for multiple sources of student data, which enhances reporting and analysis of enrollment, demographics, major/minor changes, progression, retention, graduation and time to degree, with data from Integrated Student Information Systems (ISIS).

The SAH is a crucial tool for learning analytics, as it integrates data from various sources including Canvas. With the ability to analyze student engagement, performance and behaviors, SAH can help identify patterns, trends and predictors of student success. Leveraging this information, analysts can develop interventions and strategies to support students throughout their learning journey.

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