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System Status: 

Duo Universal Prompt

New user experience for campus and Health Duo instances is live as of March 26, 2024.

Duo Upgrade: What's Changing and What's Not 

On March 26, 2024, UC San Diego and UC San Diego Health jointly implemented changes to Duo, which we use for our two-factor authentication services. Duo’s new Universal Prompt browser experience is now in effect. As detailed below, this upgrade will

  • Change the visuals and process on your computer login screen. 
  • Not change how you use the Duo app or other authentication method

Universal Prompt: Changes to User Experience

Here are the basics of Universal Prompt: 

  • The first time you access a login platform following the upgrade, Duo will automatically select the most secure method to authenticate your identity (compared to the current experience of you choosing from a list). If that works for you, continue with authenticating.
  • Alternatively, you may change the authentication method by clicking “More Options.” You’ll see a list of other authentication methods you have registered.
  • Duo will remember your selection and automatically use it for future logins on the same platform and same browser.
The below image shows a side-by-side comparison of the current experience and the new one.

Previous Screen View Updated Screen View
Current Duo prompt Future Duo Prompt

Systems Affected

Duo Universal Prompt applies to the following popular login platforms:

  • Campus single sign-on (SSO) applications such as Ecotime, Canvas, and more
  • Web-based applications like OneDrive, Sharepoint, O365 and campus webmail
  • Health applications including O365, Point & Click, and Duo SSO on March 26, 2024; Okta, Citrix, and other web-based applications to follow.

For campus applications, the “remember me for 7 days” option remains in effect. For Health, select applications will maintain the four-hour “remember me” option. 

Questions and Help

If you need further help or have specific questions about this matter, please contact the relevant service desk.