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Two-Step Login: VPN

Learn how to use two-step login with campus VPN connections.

Two-Step VPN Groups

You'll see the following VPN groups listed below when attempting to establish a connection. Faculty, staff, and students who are required to use two-step login to connect must use a group labled "2-Step Secured." Otherwise, an error message will appear and the connection won't go through. Those who aren't required to use two-step login can use any group; however, "2-Step Secured" groups require use of two-step login.


2-Step Secured - Allthruucsd
2-Step Secured - split

Two-Step Login Options and VPN

Main/Default Device

Duo automatically engages your main device to complete the two-step login process. 

If you don't want to use the default device, consider the options below for entering a passcode or specifying an alternate device.

Note: Have your default device ready when you sign in to VPN. If you wait too long to confirm, the VPN will time out and your log in will fail.


vpn prompt screen shot


To use a passcode, follow this process:

  1. Select a two-step group as described above
  2. Enter username and password as usual.
  3. Don't click OK just yet! Immediately after your password - no spaces - type a comma followed by the passcode. Here's how it would look, with standard credentials in black and added passcode in red:
    • Username: msalah
      Password: 11g0@lscorer,562737

      vpn split passcode screen shot


Alternate Two-Step Method

You can also use a variation of this method to use a two-step method other than your default preference. For example, you normally get a push notification, but want to receive a call instead. Here's how it would look:

vpn split phone

Now instead of getting the push, you'll receive a phone call to complete two-step login.

Below are the word options and resulting actions of this method: 

  • push: receive push notification (if Duo installed on phone and device registered)
  • phone: receive call
  • sms: receive a batch of 10 passcodes via text (your first log in attempt will fail; do again with newly-received passcodes)

This also works if you have multiple devices - for example, two landline phones. Simply add the number of your device to trigger it - for example, phone1, phone2 or phone3. This is called "append mode," and more information is available from the online Duo guide

For more information, contact or call (858) 246-4357.