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Setups for Student Employees

If you are a student and also an employee at UC San Diego, here are your options for setting up two-step login.

Most student tools that require two-step login are on a separate login system from business tools used by campus faculty and staff members.

This means that some student workers and teaching assistants (and anyone who is both a student and an employee) may need to register for Duo more than once. If this applies to you, Duo will recognize both of your accounts after you have successfully set them up.

Here's how to set up the Duo app, depending on your student / employee status:

Number of Accounts User Profile Action Required
1 Current students
(not employed by UC San Diego)
Register with Duo once
1 Current employees
(not students at UC San Diego)
Register with Duo once
2 Student account for student logins and employee account for employment logins

Register twice with Duo.

If, for example, you've already registered your employee account, visit the Duo registration portal and register your student account. You'll be recognized as an existing Duo user, and can manage your Duo preferences and all devices with either account.