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Two-Step Login (Duo) for Email

UC San Diego email requires two-step login (Duo) to improve security. Find out how to solve problems getting email on your Apple mobile device.


Two-step login is a more secure way to access systems. Email systems are now required to use two-step login, just like other UC San Diego applications. This is to help ensure hackers don't compromise our email accounts.

Most modern email clients, such as Microsoft Outlook and Apple Mail support Duo two-step login. If you are using these clients, you will now see the DUO prompt when you authenticate. If you are using an older client, you will need to upgrade to a supported client. More information on that below.

Older (insecure) email clients don't support two-step login

Older email clients will no longer be able to access UC San Diego email services. Below is a list of common older email clients and their recommended new client.

Unsupported client Replacement
Outlook for Windows prior to Outlook 2013 Update Outlook by going to File, Office Account, Update Options,Update Now 
Outlook for Mac 2016 and older Update Outlook by launching Outlook then go to Help → Check for Updates
Mac OS mail prior to v.10.14 Update Mac OS Mail by clicking on the Apple icon and then App Store.
iOS mail prior to v11 Upgrade your phone to the latest version of iOS or download Outlook from the App Store
Android Mail App Download the Outlook App from the Google Play Store
Thunderbird prior to v78 Update to the latest version of Thunderbird  
Email clients using the POP protocol Download one of the mail clients listed above

Make sure you can access email

  • Configure your email client.
  • 2. Access Your Email via the Web:

We strongly encourage users of insecure mail clients to access email via a web browser until they can set up a new email client.

Receiving an error message?

If you receive an error message when checking your email stating “Dept IT has blocked your email access," follow these instructions to remove the block from your email access.

For additional assistance, contact your departmental IT support first. For additional support on email clients, help with email web tools, or if you still need further assistance after reviewing our online instructions, contact the IT Services Service Desk.

Phone: 858-246-4357