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Two-Step Login

Two-step login is now required for most online logins performed by students, faculty and staff.

Quick Help

Locked Out or Device Unavailable

Get help here if you're locked out of Duo or your device is not available. 

New Phone (with Same Number)

Got a new or upgraded phone with the same number and need to register it? Click here. 

The Basics

Learn how to use Duo Security to manage the two-step login process.

Step 1:

Log in as usual

Step 2:

Verify your identity




Get started in 3 easy steps:

  1. Decide which device(s) you'll use 
  2. Install the Duo app on your device, or request a token 
  3. Register your device with Duo (duo-registration.ucsd.edu) If you’re attempting to log in with active directory credentials, but keep getting kicked back to the login screen, trying clearing your cache and deleting cookies. 



See how easy it is to register a device:



Student employees:

You may already be using Duo and two-step login if you're also a university employee and are accessing protected systems. If you have separate student and employee accounts, you may need to register each account for two-step login. Learn more.

More information and details: