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Two-Step Login: SSO and Remember Computer for 7 Days

How to use two-step login with single sign-on and be remembered for seven days.

Single Sign-On 

Many of the key business applications you use on a daily basis are accessed through the university's single sign-on system. These include popular Personal, Business, Instruction and Research Tools that you access from the menus above. 

Remember Computer for 7 Days

You can tell Duo to remember your computer for seven days. This is not available through the Duo app; rather, it's available during the two-step login process by checking the box labeled "Remember me for 7 days." There are two scenarios for the "remember me" function:

If You Choose an Authentication Method Each Time you Log In

If you have your preferences set to choose a two-step device each time you log in, simply check the box next to "Remember me for 7 days" before choosing your two-step device (see Figure 1 below).

 Here are instructions for setting device preferences if you need a refresher

bypass two step
Figure 1: Skip two-step login, or tell Duo to remember your computer for seven days.


If You Have Duo Automatically Complete Two-Step Through a Preferred Device

If you've told Duo to automatically complete two-step through a preferred device, you'll still see the Duo preferences manager on your screen. To remember the computer for seven days:

  1. Click "Cancel" in the blue bar before completing two-step on your device 
  2. Click the box next to "Remember me for 7 days"
  3. Choose a device via which to complete two-step login (see Figure 2 below)
cancel remember me
Figure 2: If you set a device to automatically complete two-step, click Cancel, then check the "Remember me" box