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Sensitive Data Remediation

Learn about IT Security's sensitive data remediation services.

About SDR

UC San Diego has taken a proactive approach to data protection by adding Sensitive Data Remediation (SDR) services to the ITS Security services portfolio.

Security breaches frequently appear in the headlines, affecting multinational companies, universities, hospitals, and local, state and federal government entities. Accidental disclosures and thefts of sensitive information have led many organizations to implement additional methods to improve data security beyond security basics like anti-virus and firewalls. 

SDR provides easy methods to identify, monitor and protect UC San Diego organizational data, allowing UC San Diego decision makers to manage data more effectively in an increasingly complex, data-centric workplace.

These services reduce unneeded sensitive data on campus business machines and protect sensitive data utilized for regular business needs.


UC San Diego is committed to securing sensitive data across its systems and networks. UC San Diego has selected Spirion as one of the SDR solutions available to select campus staff. Spirion software assists UCSD staff in sensitive data discovery and remediation. Once installed with the help from IT Security, Spirion will scan UC San Diego systems for Social Security numbers (SSNs) and credit card numbers. 

Due to regulatory requirements and privacy and security concerns, no one at UC San Diego may store SSNs or credit card numbers on their workstation or laptop. For staff who routinely work with SSNs, storage of files containing SSNs must be on a file share certified for this level of sensitive information. No one at UC San Diego may store credit card numbers.  

Spirion searches occur within system files, folders and email clients. Once potential matches are identified, the software alerts you to review and remediate them. Learn more about Spirion.

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