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Personal Cybersecurity and Identity Protection Resources, Including Steps to Take Following the UCOP / Accellion Data Breach


AD Password Change Is Required

In response to previous and ongoing attacks on campus accounts, UC San Diego and UC San Diego Health are enforcing stricter Active Directory (AD) security measures:

  • AD passwords will require 12 or more characters.
  • Passwords known to be available on the dark web or part of a previous compromise will be rejected.

All academics, staff and affiliates on campus and at UC San Diego Health and Health Sciences are required to make a one-time AD password change. You will receive email notification on your password change start date, and will continue to receive notifications until your end date or your AD password has been changed.

Please change your password within the date range assigned to your rollout group:

  • Health Sciences and UC San Diego Health: August 12 to September 22
  • Campus Academics and Staff (by last name):
    • A through B: August 18 to September 8
    • C through G: August 25 to September 15
    • H through N: September 1 to September 22
    • O through Z: September 8 to September 29
  • Students: Password changes will be required at a later date.

How to Change Your AD Password

Campus Academics and Staff AD Password Change instructions

Health Sciences and UC San Diego Health AD Password Change instructions


Please first reach out to your unit's IT team for assistance or questions.

Main campus

Phone: 858-246-4357

Health Sciences and UC San Diego Health

Phone: 619-543-4357 or Ext. 3-HELP 

Webinar: Living on the Dark Web

Webinar presented July 13, 2021 by Michael Corn, Chief Information Security Officer, UC San Diego. The identity protection tips and accompanying links and phone numbers are available at:

Now available: English and Spanish subtitles.

UCOP Security Incident: News, FAQs, and Resources

July 1, 2021: UCOP has begun sending individual notices via USPS and email to impacted personnel. Read the updated FAQs from UCOP for more information. 

May 10, 2021: UCOP has issued as "Substitute Notice of Data Breach" with updated information. 

April 2021: the Office of the President has announced a significant security incident involving UC employee information due to the Accellion data breach. The Office of the President continues to investigate the incident, and we expect that more details will become known over time.

It is very important that every member of the UC San Diego community take steps now to protect themselves against identity theft and fraud. 

The following documents published by the Office of the President provide additional information about the security incident. 


Identity Theft Protection Workshop, presented April 8, 2021, by Vince Kellen, Chief Information Officer, and Michael Corn, Chief Information Security Officer


Steps to Take  

  1. Protect yourself by signing up for UCOP's free identity monitoring service (Experian) and place a fraud alert on your credit files.  
  2. Review the five rules for protecting your information

Resources, News and FAQs from UCOP

Translated Information 

Identity Theft and Your Social Security Number


Questions about the incident or using the identity monitoring services can be submitted to

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