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Cybersecurity Certification for Research

Follow effective yet simple-to-implement practices to protect the cyberinfrastructure of the UC San Diego research community.

To ensure the continued success of UC San Diego’s research mission requires acknowledging and responding to the modern cyber threat landscape. This landscape includes highly sophisticated attacks by organizations seeking financial gain as well as state actors seeking to steal intellectual property central to vaccine research and national security.

Do Your Part: Safeguard Systems and Devices

The large and highly diverse research environment at UC San Diego can be best secured by adopting a herd immunity model for securing cyberinfrastructure. Herd immunity is gained by ensuring that as large a portion of a population as possible is resistant to infection, or in the case of cybersecurity, compromise. This same model applies to a lab environment as well as the campus at large. So, please do your part: safeguard the devices and systems that you can!

The Certification Process

Completing the requirements for Cybersecurity Certification for Research is a straightforward, do-it-yourself process for the vast majority of cases. For complex cases, the Office of Information Assurance  and Research IT Services are both available for assistance

Certification requires:

  1. Application of basic security practice protections
  2. Creation of a data replication and backup plan
  3. Submission of your lab or research environment information for review

Find more about data protection, types of information you will collect and how to complete the certification submission form on the Certification Overview page.



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