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Voice Mail: Sending Messages

Learn how to send messages using UC San Diego Unified Messaging.

1. Identify your message recipient(s).

  • Call the UC San Diego Unified Messaging:
    • If you are on campus call 42000
    • If you are off campus call (858) 534-42000, and press # to access the system.

Identify recipients by group(group names need to be in your personal contacts):

  • Enter a group name (last name first) then press # or list multiple groups separated by #
  • Press # to end the list.

2. Record your message.

  • Begin recording your message after the prompt.
  • To Stop/continue recording Press 2
  • To Approve for sending Press #
  • To set routing options, Press 0

3. Routing Options

  • Hang up to send your message
  • Choose one of the following options:


1 Future Delivery
2 Set urgent status
3 Restrict forwarding
4 Request a receipt
5 Leave callback number
* Return to Recording Options
For more information, contact the ITS Customer Service Team at (858) 534-4277.