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Voice Mail Costs

Learn the costs for UC San Diego Unified Messaging and the services different levels provide.

Service Level Features Storage
Unified Messaging Service Was $2.24/ mo
New rate $1.93/mo.
Records messages and allows you to:
  • Send messages from a voice mailbox to other voice mail users
  • Assign your own Security Code
  • Assign personal groups
  • Maintain day/ time information on messages
  • Access your mailbox from any touch-tone phone
Receives and saves an unlimited number of messages of up to 8 minutes.

Broadcast only  or  VM Alt
Was $2.24/ mo. 

New rate $1.35/mo.

Broadcast only: Plays a recorded announcement only (often used by departments that need to disseminate identical information to many callers).

VM Alt: Multiple extensions can share a single voicemail box.


Receives and saves an unlimited number of shared messages of up to 8 minutes.


OPT IN as "Simple or Full"

$0.00 fee for existing voicemail boxes with email associations.

Speech To Text converts your voice messages into text messages and delivers them to your email address. Your voicemail box must be associated to your email address in order to use this feature. By default, all voicemail accounts do not have this feature turned on. You must submit a CSR if you wish to "Opt In" to activate this feature.

Click Here to view Option descriptions


Install/Disconnect/Revision fee per voicemail box: $11.00

Customer Service Request (CSR)

All voice mailboxes have the capacity to record a 5-minute personal greeting.

In addition to the service levels described above, we can design voice mail applications to fit your personal or department needs.

For more information, contact the ITS Customer Service Team at (858) 534-4277.