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Voice Mail: Setting Up or Changing Personal Options

Learn how you can use voice mail features to personalize your setup.

Personal Options Menu

If you want to...

Then enter...
Change Name


Change Security Code 3.1.4
Change Standard Greeting 3.4  or
Change Busy Greeting 3.5  or
Change Out of Office Greeting 3.6  or
Set automatic Message Forwarding 3.2.4
Set Message Presentation Ordering


Set Immediate Notification 3.1.1


For reference, see a diagram for UC San Diego Unified Messaging TUI (PDF).

Record Personal Greetings

From the main menu, Select 3 for User Options

Press 1 for Personal Options

Press 3 to Record personal greeting

Press 2 to record your Standard greeting or,

Press 3 to record your "Out of Office greeting"

Return to Main Menu

Press * to return to the main menu
For more information, contact the ITS Customer Service Team at (858) 534-4277.