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Voice Mail: Performing Common Tasks

Follow these steps to log into and access UC San Diego Unified Messaging

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1. Call voice mail.

  • If you are using your campus phone and have new messages, press the flashing Message Waiting button to call voicemail automatically.
  • If you are on campus using a different phone, call 42000
  • If you are off campus, call (858) 534-2000, and press # to access the system.

2. Enter your Security Code

  • If you are calling from your campus phone:
    1. Enter your Security Code and press #.
  • If you are calling from a different phone:
    1. Press # to access the voicemail system.
    2. Enter your 5 digit extension.
    3. Enter your Security Code.

3. Follow the voice mail prompts.

Main Menu
Keys Option
1 Listen to new messages
2 Record and send message
5 Listen to saved messages
6 Review, forward, delete, or save messages you have selected
7 Listen to and recover messages you have marked for deletion (in this session only)

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