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Voice Mail and Phone Features

Learn about UC San Diego Unified Messaging features that can be used in conjunction with desk phones to divert and forward calls and to send a voice mail response.

Call forwarding (3 Options)

Call Forwarding

There are 3 types of call forwarding. 

  • Internal Call forwarding 
  • External Call forwarding
  • Call Lists


Sends calls to an alternate campus phone number.  Voicemail still ends up in the original line’s voicemail box.

Activate the call-forward/ follow-me feature.

  • Lift the handset.
  • Press * 2 *
  • Enter the 5-digit extension for the phone number to which you want to direct calls.
  • Press #
  • Listen for the pulsating dial tone.
  • Replace the handset.

Cancel the follow-me feature.

  • Lift the handset.
  • Press # 2 #
  • Listen for a normal dial tone.
  • Replace the handset.
  • External Call forwarding

Programmed by the user from the physical phone.  Forwards calls to an external number, such as a cell phone.  If unanswered, calls end up in the voicemail (if any) of the line the calls are forwarded to.

Activate the external call-forward feature.

  • Lift the handset.
  • Press * 2 3 # 8
  • Enter the local destination number.
  • Press #
  • Replace the handset.

Cancel call forwarding.

  • Lift the handset.
  • Press # 2 3 #
  • Listen for a normal dial tone.
  • Replace the handset.
  • Call List


Call lists can be used for internal or external forwarding.  Tells the line multiple things to do in sequence.  This is programmed in advance by customer service (through a CSR request) and then turned off and on by the customer directly from the desk phone.  A line can have multiple call lists for different situations.

The most common options are either forwarding out to a cell phone or forwarding to a cell phone and then returning to campus voicemail.

Option 1: Bypass all campus phone systems and forward directly to another number. Any voicemail will be captured by your own personal voicemail system, if set up.

  • Ex: “Please set up a bypass for all calls from x4XXXX to (888) 888-8888" 

Option 2: Forward the call (3 rings) to another number, then redirect to campus voicemail.

  • Ex: “Please forward x4XXXX to (888) 888-8888 for 3 rings, then send to campus voicemail”.

Less common options might include something like:  Please ring to my office phone 3x, then to cell phone 3x, and then to campus voicemail.

Activate a single call list

  • Lift the handset.
  • Press * 1 0 #
  • Replace the handset.

Activate a specific call list (if the phone has more than 1 available)

  • Lift the handset.
  • Press * 1 0 * call-list-number #
  • Replace the handset.

Cancel the current call list

(Note: you must cancel the current call list before activating a different call list)

  • Lift the handset.
  • Press # 1 0 #
  • Replace the handset.

Speech To Text

Speech To Text is an available feature for those who wish to "Opt In". By default, all voicemail boxes will not have the feature turned on.

You must submit a CSR requesting to "Opt In"

Customer Service Request (CSR)

Note:  No fees are applied to Opt In for this feature


  • Opt In Simple: Includes Message Waiting Light on phone, one email notification with Speech To Text translation, and the WAV attached to listen to the recorded voicemail message. You can use your email account, or an outside email account. You will need to call into the voicemail system to turn the MEW light indicator off of your instrument.
  • Opt In Full: Includes Message Waiting Light on phone, and two separate email notifications. The first email provides the wav file to listen to. The second email will contain the wav file, and Speech To Text Translation. Reviewing either email will turn off your message waiting light on your phone.

Forward your voice mail to email

Your voice mail will be automatically forwarded to your email if IT Services has associated your voice mail box with an email address. If this isn't set up, complete a Customer Service Request (CSR).

Send a reply to a voice mail message.

When you listen to a voice mail message, you may reply by sending a voice mail message in return. Just press 8, then follow the voice prompts.
For more information, contact the ITS Customer Service Team at (858) 534-4277.