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First-Aid Kits for Research Laboratories

Learn how to obtain and restock a laboratory first-aid kit.

PIs or department representatives are responsible for obtaining a first-aid kit and periodically restocking and removing of expired items. First-aid supplies must be easily accessible and available to staff at all times.  All personnel must be aware of the location of the first-aid kit.  All first-aid kits used at UCSD must have, as a minimum, the items outlined in this list of research first-aid kit items. Where special hazards are present (e.g., calcium gluconate for hydrofluoric acid, etc.) additional items may be necessary.  Review the laboratory-approved Hazard Control Plan for details.

  • Research Labs — Fill out the online form to obtain and/or restock laboratory first-aid kits.

EH&S provides first-aid kits and restocks them at no cost to Research Labs.  

For campus areas not supplied first-aid kits and first-aid supplies by EH&S, we recommend these items in your first-aid kit (PDF)

Cal/OSHA requires first aid kits to be maintained in the workplace that are accessible and ready for use to address workplace injuries. They contain essential items such as adhesive bandages, gauze, and antiseptic wipes which can be used to treat minor cuts, burns, and abrasions.   

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