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Managerial and Leadership Development

Explore resources available for the learning and development of managers and supervisors at UC San Diego.


Recognizing that the learning and training needs of a supervisor adjust and shift over time, Campus Human Resources offers an approach to managerial and supervisory development that is organized by “Subway Stops.” Each Subway Stop includes specific resource options according to the different stages of managerial development and reflects the diverse range of skills for each stage. In sharing these resources we aim for all managers and supervisors to have access to resources when they need them while fostering connections amongst the UC San Diego supervisory community. To our supervisors and managers: We recognize and support you.

Note: We are excited to share our approach and resources to support you on your managerial journey. This content is currently under development and we encourage you to regularly review this page for updated information. In the meantime, we hope you enjoy engaging with the available resources in subway stops 2 and 3. In addition to training opportunities, access more supervisor resources around policy, compliance, mandatory employment notices, and more.

Subway Stops 

The Subway Stops offer a starting point for resources tailored to your specific needs. The approach helps you access resources for your managerial and leadership development journey in a single Subway Stop, however, you can mix and match resources in ways that best fit your current interests and priorities. 


Subway Stop 1

Subway Stop 1 is best suited for UC San Diego employees that are interested in becoming a supervisor. This often includes employees who have limited or are beginning to explore formal supervisory responsibilities.

Subway Stop 2

Subway Stop 2 supports the onboarding of new supervisors to the university and offers resources to develop core managerial skills. These leaders may be in a new supervisory role or have a couple years of supervisory experience. This stop is ideal for supervisors interested in an introduction to supervisory responsibilities at UC San Diego.

Subway Stop 3

Subway Stop 3 is for supervisors that completed supervisor onboarding and have an understanding of the supervisory culture at UC San Diego. Often these leaders have multiple years of leadership experience. Supervisors utilizing the resources in this subway stop may have completed subway stop 1 and/or 2.


Subway Stop 4

Subway stop 4 focuses on the priorities and interests of those with several years of supervising experience. These managers typically have multiple supervisors and/or employees who have major programmatic responsibilities reporting to them.

Subway Stop 5

Subway Stop 5 is best suited for executive level leadership such as Deans, Provosts, Assistant Vice Chancellors, and Vice Chancellors that supervise multiple middle managers and possibly senior leaders.

Choose a Subway Stop

Would you like help deciding which subway stop to start with? Use the decision tree to identify the Managerial and Leadership subway stop that is the best starting point for you.